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drew barrymore

The Kid-Dish: Pregnant Drew Barrymore Will Eat Whatever She Wants, Thank You Very Much

All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

– Drew Barrymore is eating whatever she wants during her second pregnancy, despite her doctor’s suggestion to cut back. Drew, who is expecting a sibling for Olive, said on The Ellen Show, “I want to enjoy the pasta right now! What’s 10 lbs.?” (People)

– Soleil Moon Frye is about to “pop out any second.” The 37-year-old actress is imminently expecting her third child, a boy, and apparently’s he’s making her crave soul food and spices. “The baby loves chicken and waffles!” to be exact. (People)

– Olivia Wilde and her fiance Jason Sudekis are expecting a boy! The actress, whose Wikipedia page boasts she is of distant Sephardi Jewish descent (hey, we’ll take it) told Marie Claire she “can’t wait for children.” (POPSUGAR)

– No-longer-pregnant Rachel Zoe gushed about life with her new son, Kaius, born on December 22nd. “He’s two and a half weeks old and I’m in love!” In love, but still very exhausted. (Babyrazzi)

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