The Kid-Dish: The Less-Than-Buff Jewish Dads – Kveller
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The Kid-Dish: The Less-Than-Buff Jewish Dads

All the Jewish celebrity parenting news you ( n)ever wanted to know.

– Are Jewish dads chubbier than non-Jewish dads? In this Babble slideshow that asks the essential question, “Buff Celeb Dads vs. Less Buff Celeb Dads: Who is Hotter?”, three out of the five non-buff dads are Jewish: Adam Sandler, Jack Black, and Matthew Broderick. Meanwhile, no men of the tribe made the buff list. Time to switch to wheat challah? (Babble)

– New mom Selma Blair is sleep deprived, as expected. She jokes that she’ll just have to buy more makeup because it’s starting to show. I somehow doubt that. (People)

The Portman-Millipieds were out and about in Hollywood this week. I’m liking Aleph’s stripped hat with pom poms, but mixing it with a striped shirt seems a little busy. I’d go with a solid T next time, big guy. (People)

Debra Messing shares her favorite holiday traditions and memories with LilSugar, including seeing musicals and putting on snowsuits. Mom to 7-year-old Roman, Messing says her dream gift would be a massage. (LilSugar)

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