The Kids Behind 'Charlie Bit My Finger' 10 Years Later – Kveller
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The Kids Behind ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ 10 Years Later

Yes, it’s time to feel old now. That viral video called “Charlie bit my finger” is officially 10 years old. It seems like yesterday that the two boys—little Charlie and his shocked older brother—warmed our hearts and ruled the internet. Well, it proves just how fast kids grow up–and how quickly the internet moves from one trend to another.

The original video was uploaded on the grand old day of May 22, 2007, garnering nearly 850 million hits and bringing in around $1 million for the parents. From one video, yes.

This trend was one of the first family videos to grow viral, and has literally changed how parents blog and write about their kids–and what they choose to share.

But, like all kids, the stars grew up. Harry is now 13, and Charlie is 11. This is what they look like now:

And just to walk down memory lane, here’s the original video:

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