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The Long Awaited Bieber/Maccabeats Passover Mashup is Here

Our favorite Jewish a capella group, the Maccabeats, are back with a new Passover song for 2016, and it’s pretty catchy. The song is a parody mashup of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” “Sorry,” and “What Do You Mean?”. The lyrics say it all–here’s a snippet of them:

“For all the time that you kept us enslaved
And all the backbreaking labor you gave
Forget your hardened heart, my friend, for goodness sake,
‘Cuz you don’t want to bring on all of these plagues

A few hundred years is quite enough
And through it all we didn’t give up our faith and tradition
You can’t stop our mission
We’re ready to be movin’ on
To the land of milk and honey, we’re not gonna look back,
Pharaoh, you should know that

Our God’s gonna smite you with blood and lice and frogs
Until you free us, ‘cause slavery is wrong
You’ve taken quite a heavy blow and there are seven plagues to go
We must embark
Before you end up in the dark

So if you like the way your kingdom looks
Pharaoh, you should let my people go
And if you’re thinking of still holding on
Well, Pharaoh, you should let my people go”

The video itself has a cool vintage, almost Brady Bunch-esque feel–which makes it pretty mesmerizing to watch. Check it out for yourself here:

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