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The Most Perfect Text Ever Written Is by This Dad to His Wife

Being a mom is a lot of hard work–and most of that work goes unnoticed. So when someone actually does notice, and acknowledges it, it’s basically a dream come true. So when one mom went away for a three day conference, it was a learning experience for her husband.

Joanna Venditti is the mom of four kids, ages 6, 4, and 1-year-old twins. While she says her husband is understanding, he really had no idea just how difficult juggling kids and a career truly was.

In a post for Babycenter, she wrote how the frantic reality started to set in, receiving this anxiety-ridden text from her husband: “How the f$&@ do you do this? I am loosing [sic] my mind and my soul is defeated.”

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While she was secretly amused by the fact that he was getting a taste of his own medicine, he then sent her this text, which is basically the modern love letter:

“Not that I ever thought that I could do this on my own or that I didn’t need you or you didn’t need me, but I know that I need you and we need each other to run this house and this family. There is a lot to look after and a lot to do for one person, but aside from that, there are just things that I do not have in my dna to share with the kids when they need it and the reverse is probably true as well – and I just had that thought that I/we need to be a team, a complementary team to run this house right and raise these 4 amazing children right. Love you.” 

Everyone needs a confidence booster and reminder that what they do matters, especially when it comes to how hard raising a family is. Seems like Mom should go on business trips more often.

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