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‘The Nanny’ Actress Ann Morgan Guilbert Dies at 87

Remember Grandma Yetta from the ’90s sitcom, “The Nanny“? You know, that quintessential Jewish grandmother who sported an amazing sequin-filled wardrobe? Well, it was sadly reported yesterday that the actress who played Yetta, Ann Morgan Guilbert, died on Tuesday at age 87 after a battle with cancer, according to her daughter Nora Eckstein.

Besides her role on “The Nanny,” Guilbert was well known for playing the next-door neighbor Millie Helper on “The Dick Van Dyke Show in the 1960s. In her five decade career, she also appeared in “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Waiting for Godot,” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Besides acting, Guilbert attended Stanford University, where she met producer, and her future husband, George Eckstein, who passed away in 2009. The couple had two daughters, Nora Eckstein and Hallie Todd, who starred as Jo McGuire in Disney’s “Lizzie McGuire.” Yesterday, Fran Drescher, her “Nanny” costar, tweeted a photo from the show, saying, “Grandma Yetta I love you” with a broken heart emoji.

Here is one of our favorite Yetta moments:

“They got all of their father…they got none of you.”

And don’t forget to watch this short interview with Guilbert about “Happily Divorced” below:

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