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The Passover Story Told Through Beyonce GIFs

In case you ever wanted the Passover story told through Beyonce gifs, today’s your day. You’re welcome.

(PS: Look out for our interview with the force beyond the Beyonceder Tumblr this week!)

Pharaoh’s fashion may be locked down, but somehow misses the point that it’s not cool to repress and enslave an entire group of people:

And worse, Pharaoh ignores everyone’s warnings–and mostly just doesn’t care about anyone else (hi, narcissism), because he wants to stay in power:

But then, when Queen Bey finds out someone’s messing with her friends, you better be scared (move over, Moses, Bey is here–because Beyoses/Boses doesn’t have a good ring):

Seriously, you were warned. 

So, since God was on Bey’s side (how could you not be?!), some plagues were sent to mess with Pharaoh–and send a sign (you know, to stop messing around with slavery, because slavery isn’t cool):

Pharaoh, of course, tried to play off the plagues like it was NBD:

But Bey and God were all like:

This is why a total of 10 plagues were sent down upon the Egyptians (including the last, which was the death of the Egyptian first borns):

And then Bey led her people out of Egypt:

Get in formation:

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with the Queen Diva, or you know, with God.

Racism, anti-Semitism, and prejudice are also not cool–and you won’t get away with it forever. 

Now back to being fabulous like bubbe:

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