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The Way This Mom Helped Parents in a Public Bathroom Is Ingenious

Going shopping with a baby can be super stressful, especially when it involves a diaper change. One mom, however, vowed to change this. During a recent visit to HomeGoods in Solana Beach, California, Christina Causland discovered a surprise left by a mother in the store’s bathroom.

So, what was it? It was a bundle of clean diapers and wipes, along with a handwritten note. In the note, the mom wrote she had once been in that same bathroom with her newborn who had “a crazy blowout.” Sadly, at the time, she didn’t have diapers or wipes. You can only imagine it wasn’t pretty.

I don’t know you Sarah, but you’re a gem! #gooddeeds #upworthy #HomeGoods #mademyday

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This is precisely why the mystery mom wrote that she left some diapers and wipes behind for other parents “in the same sort of pickle.” The note was signed by someone named Sarah. Because of the kindness of the gesture, Causland took a photo and shared it on Instagram. The funny thing is, Causland isn’t actually a mom, but could still appreciate the generous gesture, telling The Huffington Post:

“I feel like there is so much negativity in the world, that it’s really important to share the positive things, no matter how big or small.”

We need more people in the world like this–everyone could always use a helping hand.

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