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There’s a Mystery Man Hiding $100 Bills in Diaper Boxes Right Now

2016 has been a really terrible year (see: all of the violent mass shootings). It kind of makes you believe there aren’t many good people left in the world. But now there’s a small reminder for us to believe in good again, because there’s a mystery person leaving $100 bills around Salem, Oregon…in random places, like diaper bags.

Apparently, the first findings were initially reported in May 2013 when local Cub Scout troops found $900, all in $100 bills. According to Scary Mommy, the reporter from the Statesman Journal who tracks the money started calling him “Bennie.” Because of this, the anonymous do-gooder began signing the bills as “Benny.”

As the pattern began to emerge, more and more people began sharing their good fortune on social media. Some residents believe “Benny” gives more around times of tragedy, as 86 bills were found last month alone.

According to Statesman Journal, most of the recipients use the money for altruistic purposes–238 people have told the journal that they donated their money to animal rescue groups, food banks, and schools. It’s amazing to see kindness is also contagious–and that we can find a glimmer of hope among all of the devastation and violence.

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