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There’s an ‘X-Files’ Children’s Book Coming You & Your Kids Can Bond Over

If you’re a self-proclaimed nerd, this children’s book is for you (and obviously, your child). People who lived through the popularity of the “X-Files” remember that Mulder and Scully were our favorite alien-seeking duo who everyone also had crushes on. While we waited with bated breath for them to finalllllly get together on the show, we were able to be creeped out, laugh, and enjoy the search for the truth that was out there.

Well now, nerd parents who loved the ’90s show (we’re ignoring the reboot) can have their kids fall in love with the storyline too—there’s a new children’s book called “The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird,” and it’s all about Mulder and Scully as kids. How adorable.

Kid-sized Mulder and Scully will be doing some detective work while camping in the backyard, so don’t worry, the book won’t give its readers nightmares their future therapists will have to unravel. Plus, what better book to encourage them to question everything around them–and develop their analytic skills?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Scully and Mulder become fascinated with the supernatural during their campout one night when Mulder insists aliens are responsible for a strange display of lights one night. Scully, of course, isn’t so easily persuaded. The book officially comes out August 27, so you can preorder the book from Amazon here.

Check out some of the illustrations here:

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