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These 3 Sisters Will Become Mothers & Aunts at Almost the Same Exact Time

pregnant sisters

The best pregnancy announcement ever exists on the internet and I have found it. Its origins come from this Instagram (which has now gone viral): the photo shows three sisters who are all expecting at the same time. How amazing is that?

This also means that the three will all become aunts and mothers within the same year. That’s a lot of diaper changes. Not to mention, the cousins are lucky–since they’ll have each other their entire lives.

One of the sisters, Samantha Sondrup, posted the photo on her account with a witty caption that reads:

“Sisters that are pregnant together stay together…Ok that’s not a saying but we sure as heck will be chasing 3 little cousins together.”

Of course, it would be nearly impossible for all of the sisters to give birth at nearly the same time–but within a year is still impressive. One of the sisters (the one on the far right), Kayla Baker, just gave birth–which makes her the first mom of the bunch.

Mazel tov to this big, happy family!

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