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These Easy Passover Seder Recipes Are Kid-Friendly

The adults at the table will like them, too!

Chicken broth with matzo balls and matzos bread.

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Before I had kids, I too unwittingly lied to my future self by saying that I’d never cooked anything special for future progeny — they’ll eat what we’re having, I confidently announced.

As the popular TikTok sound goes, “What a lie, what a lie, what a lie!” While I don’t only cook plain pasta and butter, I do try to have safe food options for my kids at every meal. And on Passover? No pasta with butter for you!

During a holiday when we are asking our kids to wait for the main meal for sometimes hours, and during which we may be taking away their favorite source of carbs, it makes sense to be considerate of your kids and offer them some safe options at the seder, especially when they’re easy, delicious, and crowd-pleasing for all ages.

These dishes are simple, mostly foolproof and are great for the Passover seder and beyond.

The basics:

Matzah ball chicken soup

The Passover starter that almost no one says no to. Add these egg pancake noodles to make it even more popular for the whole family.

Charoset recipes

Every type of charoset you like!

Huevos haminados (Sephardi style hard-boiled eggs)

Some kids (and adults) would argue that eggs are the best part of the seder, especially if they’re gorgeous Sephardi-style eggs.

Mains and sides:


Not every kid will love yapchick, for example, I have a child who does not like potatoes, but for those who love potatoes and slow-cooked beef, this is comfort food incarnate.

Passover popovers

My husband’s favorite Passover staple from childhood is the Passover popover. Might I suggest a Passover popover sandwich station?

Jerusalem chicken sofrito

This chicken recipe is so easy, and it happens to be melt-in-your mouth delicious. My kids love sofrito, and this pared-down Jerusalem version is lovely. I personally love onions in my sofrito. And for those of you who really need beef, this Sephardi beef sofrito recipe has my mouth watering, too.

Sweet and sour brisket

Brisket. A classic for a reason. My kids love putting it away, and I’m sure many of yours do, too.

Haroset chicken

Make a little extra haroset to make this haroset chicken that will go over so well with lovers of a sweet chicken dish. Plus, if you and your kids end up loving it, you can use your extra haroset from your seder (if you have it!) to make it again later in the week.

Matzah mac and cheese

Can you really call something without macaroni mac and cheese? I’ll let you answer this one, but if your kids loves cheesy gooey deliciousness, this is definitely a great recipe for the seder.

Passover chicken schnitzel

Schnitzel for a holiday meal?? I am here to tell you that you can, and even should! Schnitzel is for everyone, for every occasion. My kids are masters at eating way more schnitzel than you’d ever expect them to.

Salmon patties 

A lot of Jews grew up on salmon patties, making them a wonderfully nostalgic dish. They’re actually really pretty, and they work well in sandwiches (like of the Passover popover variety), or as a side for a dairy Passover dinner.

Potato and carrot gratin

I don’t necessarily find making a gratin easy, though food processors and mandolines help the process a bit, but there’s something about the mix of potatoes and carrots that just goes over so well with all ages.

Israeli cabbage salad

My littles loves the crunch of cabbage, and this is a salad I make for almost every holiday meal. (Except my recipe is even more simple, without sesame or spring onions. Just cabbage and salt, and sometimes vinegar.)

Pickled cucumber salad 

If your kids can’t stop munching on cucumbers, here’s a sweet and addictive way to dress them up a little!

Matzah lasagna

Matzah, cheese, tomato sauce. What can possibly go wrong with this one!

Ina Garten’s roasted asparagus

This is one of Ina’s favorite Passover recipes, and it’s both fancy and super easy. I know asparagus isn’t necessarily a kid-friendly dish, But in my house it is. So is roasted broccoli, another great side option.

Classic potato kugel

Why mess with a classic?!


Apple matzah kugel

OK, this is a little bit of a more involved dessert, but who can resist an apple-based treat?!

One-bowl Passover cake

This one is tried and true! My kids ate several slices of it at last year’s seder.

Flourless chocolate cake 

This five-ingredient chocolate cake couldn’t be any easier to make, and can anyone really say no to chocolate cake?

Parve chocolate pudding or dairy chocolate mousse

Dairy or dairy-free, is there a kid (or adult) out there who can resist a chocolate pudding?

Matzah toffee

I dare you to find anyone who doesn’t like matzah toffee. With a side of vanilla ice cream, it’s the perfect low-key Passover dessert.

Easy chocolate fudge

A three-ingredient fudge you won’t be able to stop eating.

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