These Jewish Teens Created a Gun Control Contract for Parents – Kveller
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These Jewish Teens Created a Gun Control Contract for Parents

Ever since the Parkland shooting, many parents, teachers, and kids are rethinking our country’s gun laws — and rightly so. How could we not? We’re all affected by such violence, especially when it targets some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

This is why two 16-year-olds are trying to “change the world,” as they told The New Yorker. Adam Buchwald and Zach Hibshman, juniors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, recently launched Parents Promise To Kids.

The organization’s aim? To have parents sign a contract “promising their kids that they’ll vote for leaders who put kids’ safety over guns,” as Adam told the magazine.

Both Adam and Zach knew two of the 14 students killed at their school — so the tragedy hit close to home for both of them. Adam added that he believes their movement, unlike protests, will “make a major change in future elections.”

Both teens have lawyers in their extended families, who helped them phrase the contracts. The language is purposely lose, albeit concise: “I/We [parent name(s)] promise to [child name(s)] that I/We will vote for legislative leaders who support your children’s safety over guns!”

More than a hundred contracts have been signed at this point, with parents and children posting photos of signed contracts on social media. In order to “broaden” the market, as Adam explained, they’re making another contract for grandparents to sign — and they may even make one for people who don’t have kids. After all, ending mass shootings can be something all Americans can get behind, whether they’re kids or adults.


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