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These Kids Dressing Themselves for the First Time Is Hysterical & Hopelessly Adorable


Getting your kid dressed in the morning is always a triumph. If you are a parent of a young kid, you know this. And you probably simultaneously dread and yearn for the moment your kid will be able to dress themselves. This is why the brilliant folks over at Watch Cut created this video, “Kids Try To Dress Themselves For The First Time.” It’s basically the best thing I’ve watched in awhile. 

My favorite part: When a little boy finds shark-illustrated pants, and squeals with joy, saying, “What’s this…some pants?” Instead of putting them on normally, he puts them on his head, only for a voice offscreen to say: “Take them off your head…No, off.” It was pretty much a gold moment.

Watch this adorable and funny video below–it’ll be sure to make your heart smile (and the music literally makes it):

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