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These LGBTQ High School Students Have a Powerful Message for Donald Trump

In lieu of Donald Trump’s inauguration today, a group of LGBTQ-identifying high schoolers recorded a powerful message for Donald Trump, our incoming president–and it’s something that should not be missed. What they say is not only important, but it can’t be ignored, especially not for the next four years.

The students, who are from GLSEN’s National Student Council, made a video called “Dear Mr President: LGBTQ Students Will Not Stop Now,” where they surprisingly offer congratulations to Trump–with the caveat that they hope he will stand up for equality. And, you know, set a positive example for everyone in the country by acting as “president for all.” Fair.

The video ends by encouraging viewers to participate in GLSEN’s 100 Days of Kindness initiative, which is “a national campaign inviting our community to post messages of support to LGBTQ students on social media by sharing moments of #KindnessInAction,” beginnning today on January 20, the day of Trump’s inauguration. On the website, the organization wrote:

“Since the election, we’ve seen an increase in reports of harassment, bullying, and violence towards LGBTQ students in schools. Now with a new administration in office, there’s growing anxiety among LGBTQ students about what they might face. We have to let these students know we support them.”

They ended the video saying that they are “listening and watching” to see if Trump upholds the constitution–and I am too. No one should be name-called, discriminated against, or have their rights (like abortion and birth control rights) taken away. While we can’t control what Trump does, we can control what we do, like making sure to be kind to others–and standing up for our own beliefs.

You can find out more about 100 Days of Kindness right here. Don’t forget to watch the video below:

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