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These Modest Fashion Bloggers Are ‘Not Kim Kardashian’ & Proud of It

Recently, Mic interviewed several bloggers who promote modesty in the fashion world, which might seem strange considering what tends to trend is skin. However, dressing modestly is getting more and more traction these days–just this past June, Uniqlo debuted an entire line of modest clothing.

And we partially have some awesome Jewish women to thank for it. Native New Yorker, Malky Weichbrod, an Orthodox Jewish blogger, was tired of her “schlumpy uniforms.” After becoming interested in fashion during high school, she explains how it’s easier to dress stylishly (but not frumpy) by citing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis as her icon, stating:

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“In a way, it’s this geeky chic thing, but I kinda like that. I can be a nerdy, smart girl and I can still be cool, and I don’t care that I’m not Kim Kardashian. It’s about playfulness, and I’m not getting dressed to ooze this thing that I’m not.” 


Instagram via fabologist

Besides blogging to explore a passion of their own, more and more fashion bloggers aim to inspire other women to love what they wear, and to feel part of a larger movement. That’s why Adi Heyman, who converted to Judaism at 13, launched her fashion blog in 2010 (which has garnered a lot of support since). Heyman stated:

“I think we know fashion very much just comes full circle. I think people got a little tired of ‘Skin is in.’ You know, the age of the ’90s. You had Britney Spears and the Glamazons. It was very Baywatch-y. I think designers got a little tired of it, so European fashion got on board years ago and now it’s trickled down to the H&Ms and even Forever 21s.

I’ve seen a huge shift. There’s now a modest blogger for every day of the week, so they’re seeing all these influences around them, and trends that they can actually participate in.”

Regardless of whether you dress modestly or not, it’s amazing how the rise of blogging contributes to a sense of community for these women, and for women everywhere.

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