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These Moms Say Smoking Weed Makes Them Better Parents

When it comes to smoking marijuana, many parents don’t usually like talking about it in the open, largely (and understandably) for fear of being shamed. Kaycee Bawdon, however, is not afraid at all. If anything, she is trying to raise awareness.

The mom of four from California gets together with other moms–and they enjoy some fun “refreshments” while their kids play.

Bawdon, now 30, told Today why they do this–partly as a way to treat anxiety, depression, and pain (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s legal in her state):

“Mommy needs a joint just as much as mommy needs a glass of wine. You can still be a good parent and use marijuana at the same time.”

Bawdon, who runs the site, “The Cannavist Mom,” specifically uses it to treat her migraines, especially as prescriptions leave her “foggy and disconnected.” She tried weed at the advice of her husband, adding:

“I’ve heard from hundreds of moms who use marijuana. They’re happy that I’m out there, putting it out there. There are so many moms that are still hiding because they’re ashamed. And you shouldn’t be ashamed.”

Of course, using weed as medication isn’t exactly supported by everyone, like the CDC who warns it could result in addiction and memory problems. When it comes to using any kind of drug, prescription or not, it’s always a good thing to talk to a healthcare professional.

Furthermore, Bawdon and co experienced some major backlash online, with readers and viewers noting that for Black Americans, anyone smoking pot in front of kids can result in that person being shot by the cops, or having the child taken away into foster care. As with so many things, there’s a double standard in terms of which parents are free to experiment with different lifestyles.

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