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These Orthodox Girls Rap in Viral Song–And It’s Amazing

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at an all-girls Orthodox high school? Well, look no further, because now there’s footage. Apparently, they rap–and well. Recently, a video of two Orthodox girls rapping and beat-boxing about marriage surfaced on the internet via WhatsApp groups.

While it may be surprising and unusual to some, let’s not forget how awesome and incredible this is–not just because they are talented, but because it’s breaking down stereotypes about what Orthodox women and girls are like. Having gone to an all-girls religious high school myself, I can so relate to the many constraints that surrounded girls as they’re transitioning to adulthood.

Of course, it has created some controversy, since modesty rules ban Orthodox women from singing in front of men, especially now since it leaked on the internet–apparently without their consent, which is NOT cool, however. Despite this, we are sharing the song, because it is funny, and empowering–although we’re not sharing any images to respect the girls’ desire for anonymity.

According to this transcription, the girls are singing about Dor Yeshorim, which is an Orthodox genetic testing service that allows potential couples to check their risk for genetic diseases:

Did Dor Yeshorim
Cause I got Dor Yeshorim
Cause I got Dor Yeshorim
Cause I did Dor Yeshorim
Hey! Hey! My chosson did it too
Hey! Hey! Cause he’s a good Jew [uh]
Doing this test to see if we’re a match
And if it’s a yes, well I’m a really good catch
Going on a date to look for a connection
And under the chuppah, we’ll express our affection

Got a diamond ring, tennis bracelet, rubies and pearls
But this is expected for all the frum girls
Walkin’ down the street with the face that’s glowing
‘Excuse me young miss, but can you tell that I’m showing?’

Got my first of 7, we’ll see that they’re [tsnuos]? shtark
Immersed in yeshiva, I’ve dealt with the hock
Now my girls will have great personality and looks
We’ll be getting resumes by the books

Hold up (Uh)
Wait. Rewind

Let’s go back to kollel when we living on dimes
Got a 2 bedroom ‘partment for us and 3 kids
The kitchen’s so spacious, two people almost fit

And then all of our money on tuition rent and food
That a-hundred-a-week is really pulling us through

Now I got my kids, raise ’em up with chinuch and pahtches
All mensches, love G-d, who frequently daven
Now they do Dor Yeshorim, go out, get wed
Then they have their own kids and we start again

Now I’m Bubbe he’s Zayde
With a room full of toys
Wait for our grandchildren to come make noise
Give ’em 20 for Chanukah
50 dollars for their birthday birthday birthday birthday (birthday)

Now I’m lying in bed
Hooked up to IV’s
Wow, 120 did pass in a breeze
Lived a full full life dedicated to Hashem
Thanks Dor Yeshorim – this is the end

Did Dor Yeshorim
Cause I got Dor Yeshorim
Cause I got Dor Yeshorim
Cause I did Dor Yeshorim
Hey! Hey! My chosson did it too
Hey! Hey! Cause he’s a good Jew”

The video made its way to the marketing director for Dor Yeshorim, Chaim Brown, who stated:

“We are very disturbed about the whole video…It is below our dignity as an organization to promote such a thing.”

Listen to the song here, if you haven’t heard it yet.

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