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These Passover Plague Nails Are Everything You Ever Wanted

Haven’t you always wanted Passover plague nails? Well, if you didn’t before, now you do. It’s all thanks to Rabbi Yael Buechler, who has an amazingly artistic eye and talented hand (and she’s also one of our writers!).

This year, she dazzled us with her plague nails (can that be a hashtag? #PassoverNails? #PlagueNails? Anyone? I know, I have a terrible sense of humor). In general, Buechler does Jewish-themed nail art for Midrash Manicures, but has explained that Passover is her favorite, because “10 fingers lend themselves really nicely to ten plagues,” which is why she created Ten Plagues Nail Decals.

Except, Buechler isn’t just revisiting the biblical Passover plagues, but modern ones, like hurricanes, zika, air pollution, and more. One thing that I love–and every parent will love–is the fact that it allows us to teach our kids on how Passover is still relevant today (there’s even a handy PDF).

So, let’s paint our nails and become more aware as we go along.

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