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These Triplets Completely Win at Being Adorable in Costumes

Talk about babies with a fashion presence. Jeremy and Ali Hynek are parents to triplet 6-month-olds Penelope, Ethan, and Alejandra–who they refer to as PEA (get it?). Like many parents, they love taking pictures of their bundles of joy and sharing them on Instagram–and even go so far as to dress them in coordinating costumes.

Ali told The Huffington Post why she began to dress her babies in costumes and take photos:

“I’m a new mom and was really excited about dressing the babies up for their first Halloween. But I couldn’t decide which costumes to pick since there were so many things we could do in groups of three!”

So, how did Ali get all those amazing costumes, first of all? Well, she reached out to her friend Brittany Jepson, who happens to own a small DIY-focused business called The House that Lars Built. Together, they both worked on a series of costumes for the triplets as a way to help with some Halloween-inspo. Ali explained how they made them:

“The most important thing to me was that we use a lot of pajamas since thats what every mom already has in stock. I wanted to make costumes that other moms felt like they could make at home or at least would invest in the PJ’s and feel like they could use them afterwards!”

With the help of photographer Anna Marie Killian, she began posting the photos of the triplets on Instagram. Besides being fun, the photographs also track their growth, as Ali lines them up in “PEA” order every time. Ali explained:

“The idea was to use Instagram as a memory book for our family and then have the photos printed with Chatbooks as we go along. I mostly want to create fun memories for PEA as the grow up and look back at their life.

I hope people get a bit of a laugh at the very least and that it brightens their day! If they get some inspiration to make their baby a superhero or a ghostbuster, even better.”

Here’s some of my favorites below:

Don’t forget to visit Ali’s Instagram to see more.

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