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These Working Moms Breastfeed Their Babies in Gorgeous Photo Shoot

Texas-based photographer Tara Ruby is known for capturing the vulnerable and intimate moments when mothers are breastfeeding–and at work. By doing this, Ruby is trying to break down the one-dimensional stereotypes of moms. A few months ago, we wrote about her gorgeous photo portraying 10 active duty military moms breastfeeding last September, which of course, went viral.

Ever since, moms began to approach her, as they wanted her to take photos of them breastfeeding, which Ruby recently told Cosmopolitan: 

“I see myself in that photo even though I’m not in active duty. I could be a firefighter or a police officer. I do the same exact thing as those girls. I wear a uniform every day, and I still come home and breastfeed at night.” 

Here are some of our favorites below:

A nurse:

An active duty mom:

A nurse:

A Vegas show girl:

(If you look closely at this last one, you’ll see her baby is dressed as a mini-Elvis.)

After working with a diverse group of women, Ruby only feels more dedicated to her project, as she feels it’s important to illustrate how women from all types of backgrounds breastfeed, stating in Cosmo:

“I feel like sometimes people have to make that decision between going back to work full-time and staying at home so they can breastfeed full-time. You can work a full-time job and breastfeed and do both equally well. If this is supporting someone out there, then let’s do it.”

Look at more images on her Facebook page. Ruby’s breastfeeding series will be published in her forthcoming book with Amherst Media, which will be available for preorder in June on Amazon.

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