This 5th Grader's List of Rules For How Boys Should Act Around Girls Needs to Be Required Reading – Kveller
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This 5th Grader’s List of Rules For How Boys Should Act Around Girls Needs to Be Required Reading

Sometimes 10-year-olds know things we don’t–or at least, express them better than our supposedly sophisticated adult brains. When it comes to flirting, kids are masters at calling out the bullsh*t. Next time a dude is flirting with you and won’t get the hint (even though it’s a giant pink elephant), take this 5th grader’s advice.

According to Buzzfeed, dance teacher Denny Jones from New York City saw the note when her friend, who’s a 5th grade teacher, shared it with her. Jones told Buzzfeed that the note was written by a young girl in her class who just wanted a boy who liked her to back off–which led her to write this incredible rules and regulations guide:


Ladies & gents, take note. Print this out, put it above your bed, print it on business cards, because it’s freaking perfect. Why? Because we need to get over the fact that people who like other people don’t hurt each other, or play games. And that’s something we should teach our kids from a young age. Boys hurting girls = not flirtation.

Let’s go over the list again: Don’t play with girls on the bus. Don’t get behind them with all that playing. Don’t touch a woman’s shoulder. Just don’t touch a woman at all unless it’s WELCOMED. Wise words to live by.

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