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This 60-Year-Old Woman Just Gave Birth for the First Time

Claudette Cook held her twins for the first time after a precautionary C-section at age 60. She became pregnant earlier this year with the help of in vitro fertilization and two donor eggs. Now she is the mother to twin boys, Isaac and Isaiah.

She told 14 News how her life hasn’t been the same since:

“Everything changed in that moment. Once they’re born, your life changes.”

Born a month early, Isaac and Isaiah each weighed five pounds at birth–which means it was a few weeks until Cook and her husband could bring the twins home. According to AARP, it has become more common for women who are in their 50s and older to give birth because of IVF treatment. The practice is sometimes viewed as controversial, due to higher risks of gestational hypertension, diabetes, and preeclampsia.

Bioethicist Bonnie Steinbock told AARP that it’s really no one else’s business what women do at the end of the day:

“Others may not like it, but the argument is this: It is none of their business.”

Regardless of whether you think it’s ethical to have children later in life, it’s definitely incredible that science is able to make it happen.

Watch the video where Cook talks about the birth below:

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