This 8-Year-Old with Autism Had a Public Meltdown. Then the Cops Were Called – Kveller
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This 8-Year-Old with Autism Had a Public Meltdown. Then the Cops Were Called

When Roger Davis decided to go shopping with his 8-year-old daughter, Cerys Lily, he probably didn’t think he’d have the cops called on him. During their time out, Cerys Lily fell in love with a “Finding Dory” lunch box. Unfortunately, when the staff told them the lunch box wasn’t on sale yet (it was just display), she began having a public meltdown.

Because Cerys Lily has autism, Davis reacted the way he normally does when a substantial meltdown happens–he had to physically carry her to the car. But 20 minutes after Davis got to their home in South Wales, he was joined by the police. Apparently, Davis had been reported for putting a child in a car against her will.

Once Davis explained the situation, and that his daughter has public meltdowns sometimes, the officers understood, especially as one of the officers had a nephew who is on the spectrum. The police even cheered Cerys Lily up by playing with their lights and sirens.

But that’s not where the story ends: Officers Steven Bowen and Leigh Francis showed up at the Davis’ door the next morning, but this time with the “Finding Dory” lunch box. Davis wrote in his post how surprised he was:

“I was a bit overwhelmed when they come so didn’t get to thank them properly. There really are some good people out there!”

It always is heartwarming to read about kind acts strangers do to help bring a smile to someone’s face–in this case, a little girl’s.

Read Davis’ full post below:

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