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This Boy Wrote the Most Adorable Apology Note to His Teacher


It’s not unusual for a substitute teacher to get the short end of the teaching stick. What do I mean when I say that? You may remember when you were a student–the moment you heard your teacher was absent for the day, you rejoiced. It meant you could slack off a little, maybe even joke around with your pals more than usual.

This is what happened when a Kveller staff member’s son went to school yesterday. The 8-year-old apparently wasn’t behaving in class, and was told by the principal to write an apology note to the teacher. What he said made us laugh:

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This morning I behaved horable, unexscepeble, bad, annoying, funny. I owe [my teacher] a big apolige.

I wasn’t behaveing good. I was acting silly and I wasn’t listening good.


We have to admit, Jacob’s spelling mistakes are incredibly endearing, and we love the fact that he says he was both “annoying” and “funny.”

Best apology note ever.

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