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This Breastfeeding Parody of Classic AC/DC Song Is Hysterical

We all love some AC/DC–it immediately makes you want to let your hair loose and drive down a highway at the kind of accelerated speeds your bubbe wouldn’t approve of. Well, now you can feel the same way when you breastfeed, sort of.

MYLF, a comedy channel for moms on YouTube, recently released a video called “Nurse Me (All Night Long),” a parody of AC/DC’s famous song for World Breastfeeding Week. The lyrics, as you can imagine, are absolutely priceless:

“She was a milk machine
She kept the house unclean
She was the cutest damn baby
That I’d ever seen

She had the brightest eyes
And the loudest cries
Couldn’t get enough of those chubby thighs

Eating more than her share
She was pulling my hair
She told me, “Let down!”
But I was already there

Cause the milk starts makin’
Baby starts wakin’
My nipples start achin’
You start taking it

And you, nursed me all night long
Yeah, you, nursed me all night long”

Watch the video below to get a good laugh:

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