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This Bubbe on Tinder Doesn’t Sugarcoat Anything & It’s Honestly Amazing

Time and time again, it’s proven that your bubbe knows best. It doesn’t matter if it’s about how to make the best brisket, why you look terrible in the color yellow, how to speak Hebrew, or you know, dating. They also tell it like it is–and will tell you when your butt really does look bigly.

Well, now you can get all the dating advice, thanks to the comedic duo Soren & Jolles. Jolles presents her bubbe with the Tinder app, and tells her bubbe to help her find a husband–to which she happily complies. What she has to say is priceless however. It’s hard to beat her off-handed quips, like “Something about his face is off…” and “NO NO NO NO.”

Watch the videos below–they’ll give you a good laugh:

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