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This Burger King Anti-Bullying PSA Will Make You Rethink Everything

burger king

Who knew that Burger King would literally be the king of anti-bullying ads? The company recently released an anti-bullying PSA that hits all the right notes.

Of course, I often find commercials to be heavy-handed attempts to use trendy topics to pull on the heartstrings of others with the aim of making money (a.k.a.: persuading you to buy their product). I’m not going to pretend that isn’t what Burger King is doing here, but all I can say is, damn, this one really hit home.

As someone who was bullied pretty viciously in elementary and middle school, this topic is close to my heart (and honestly, my stomach, because yes, I know it’s fast food, but I can’t say I don’t crave a BK burger from time to time).

The big takeaway: Adults, stand up to bullying. Sometimes kids don’t know better, but you do.

Watch it below:

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