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This Comedian’s Jewish Dad Jokes Made a Woman Laugh So Hard She Went Into Labor


via Netflix

Jewish comedian Nick Kroll’s excellent comedy special “Little Big Boy” ends with the story of the birth of his son (who, fun fact, allegedly ruined the Venice Film Festival premiere of Brendan Fraser’s new movie “The Whale”).

Unfortunately, or maybe, very fortunately, one pregnant viewer didn’t get to see that moving finale because the special made her laugh so hard it actually induced the birth of her own child.

Last week, Kroll, 44, shared on Instagram a very sweet and funny and moving (all at the same time!) e-mail in which one viewer told him that the special made her laugh so hard it caused her water to break.

“Literally, I was siting there convulsively laughing and suddenly my water broke!” she wrote about a bit in which Kroll jokes about pooping in his karate suit as a kid (it’s very funny and very real for many a-Jew with a sensitive stomach).

Twenty-four hours after what I can only assume is the most momentous laugh of her life, she held her newborn daughter in her arms. The new mom told Kroll that she was 39 weeks pregnant at the point and ready to go — “so I appreciated the push!” adding that “your comedy is powerful stuff!”

Kroll also shared a picture of the baby, who is named Artemis — which is a great name, and can I just say that Artie for short really works.

I love this story so much, though I’m not sure how much Artemis will appreciate knowing that she came into the world because of a glorified (and admittedly, very good) poop joke. But making someone laugh so much it literally pushes an actual baby into this world? I doubt many comedians have managed such an impressive feat.

As someone who has had what the medical profession woefully calls a “failed induction” and also as someone who couldn’t stop laughing at “Little Big Boy,” I really dig this alternative method to bring about birth. OB-GYNs of the nation, please look into this!

Go Nick Kroll, and welcome to the world little Artemis! If you or anyone you know needs to give birth any time soon, I can confirm that “Little Big Boy” is Jewish dad humor at its finest.

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