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A Dad Interviewed His Daughter Every Year on Her First Day Of School

Now that everyone has a smartphone of some kind, it’s become insanely easy to record special moments. This is a game changer for parents, because instead of having to get a big, bulky expensive camera, parents can take videos of their kids whenever they want–and have them to watch forever, basically.

One dad made use of this–recording his daughter on her first day of school every year. Kevin Scruggs would often ask his daughter, Mackenzie, questions like what she was looking forward to or what the best part of her day was in three minute videos.

He posted the video on YouTube, calling it “Twelve Grades of ‘First Day’ Interviews – Happy Graduation Sweetheart.”

What makes this video so special is the fact that it chronicles Mackenzie’s journey from first grade to her senior year of high school–which is definitely not something my parents had access to while I was growing up (and maybe that was a good thing!).

The video is basically a trip down memory lane, and even though we personally don’t know Mackenzie, it’s nothing but nostalgic and heartwarming, a reminder of the passage of time–and it’s such a good idea for parents in general.

Kevin, a dad of two, ended up telling The Huffington Post why he decided to do them:

“People are watching in three minutes what I’ve had the privilege to watch in 13 years.

I’m sentimental. I’m looking at my little girl and thinking she’s going to grow up really fast and this is going to be a cool thing for me to do.

She’s been beautiful through every single stage of her life. I love her. I’m so grateful I get to be her dad. She’s a pretty amazing young woman.”

He went on to give advice to other parents, saying:

“While you have them, enjoy them and love them and live in those moments because it’s pretty awesome being a parent. It’s a gift, it really is.”

How true that is for anyone–we need to appreciate what we have in the moment, and if can, try to find ways to capture it. Watch the video below:

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