This Dad's Reaction to His Son's Little Mermaid Doll Is More Than Just Cute – Kveller
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This Dad’s Reaction to His Son’s Little Mermaid Doll Is More Than Just Cute

Last month, Azai had a birthday party where he received a duplicate gift–a cause for a bit of a dilemma for a 4-year-old. His dad, Mikki Willis, took him to the toy store to swap it, like any thoughtful dad would do. So, what did Azai choose?

He chose a Little Mermaid Barbie doll.

His dad not only was cool about it (because he should be), but excited for his son’s choice. Willis told ABC News that he wants his son to make his own choices, not choices society tries to instill in him, saying, “I let my boys choose their life. That’s how mama and I are. We just say ‘Whatever.’ Choose your expression, choose what you’re into, choose your sexuality–choose it.”

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What’s more amazing is the fact that the video has been viewed millions of times since it’s gone live last week, which indicates this is a much more powerful moment than simply going to the toy store–it illustrates how we could all take a leaf out of Willis’ book by accepting others for who they are.

If you haven’t already, watch this heartfelt interaction between father and son–it’s bound to make you smile:

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