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This Empowering Israeli Song Will Have Your Whole Family Dancing

Chances are, you’re reading this somewhere in North America — which means you’re probably not one of the 200-plus million people who live for Eurovision, the world’s longest-running international song contest on TV.

But whether or not you’re into Eurovision — and let me tell you, if you’re not, you’re missing out on quite a colorful show — a recently released video of Israel’s fun, uplifting entry is an absolute must-watch for anyone who has eyes, ears, or feet.

The song, “Toy,” by Netta Barzilai, is now considered a favorite to win the competition in May. According to Metro UK, the tune “brings the crazy factor back to Eurovision, but the song carries a strong message with lyrics inspired by the #MeToo movement.”

The 25-year-old DJ and vocalist uses a looper in her performances, which loops her vocals and creates unique sounds.

Netta has said that while the song is funny, it’s also making a statement. The only line in Hebrew is “ani lo buba,” which means, “I am not a doll.” (It’s probably worthwhile to teach these phrases to your kids!) and it’s all about female empowerment. I mean, the lyrics even mention Wonder Woman!

Netta herself has said she has gone on a journey of self-acceptance. The plus-size singer loves her quirkiness and her body today, but says that as a teen she just wanted to be “normal,” and like everyone else.

We wish Netta luck, and in the meantime, start your own dance party with this catchy song.

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