This Father’s Day Ad Reminds Us That ‘Real Men Dance’ – Kveller
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Father's Day

This Father’s Day Ad Reminds Us That ‘Real Men Dance’

Father’s Day is just around the corner, literally, as it’s this Sunday. Because of that, there’s a barrage of cute videos and posts thanking dads for being amazing parents. Well, this new Father’s Day ad is a little different, as it goes out to “men who aren’t afraid to shake it.

Zumba Fitness teamed up with some cool dads and kids—such as 10-year-old dance sensation Aidan Prince and 6-year-old viral star Audrey Nethery to create a cute video of dads dancing with their kids. The video is tagged with the hashtag #RealMenDance, along with the description:

“It takes a real man to be a father, and today we thank those men in our lives. We thank them for always being there for us with a ‘dad joke’ to make us laugh, advice to lift our moods, and silly antics just to make us happy.”

It’s a pretty endearing video that shows us dads can be silly and fun, not just serious. Watch the video below to get a good laugh:

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