This Former "Blossom" Director's Amazing Project Aids Forgotten Holocaust Survivors – Kveller
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This Former “Blossom” Director’s Amazing Project Aids Forgotten Holocaust Survivors

Photo via The Survivor Mitzvah Project

This is so random and so cool, I just had to share it…

When I was on “Blossom” for our first two years, we had this female director named Zane Buzby. I know, cool name, right? And she was super funky and quirky and creative and she was the driving force behind our early seasons, 100 percent.

Anyway. Fast forward all of these years, and I find out that she started an incredible charity organization called The Survivor Mitzvah Project that supports and gives resources to the thousands of Holocaust survivors who never got out of Eastern Europe and still live there, many of whom are destitute.

It’s a terribly tragic situation for so many of these survivors to live in, and I just found out that CNN’s Heroes show has chosen to honor her! It’s so exciting.

I wanted to share this incredibly touching mitzvah woman doing such beautiful work who I happen to have a personal connection with because I see her as an example for all of us to seek justice and pursue it. No act is too small.

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