This ‘Harry Potter’ Nursery Will Make You Want to Redo Your Whole House – Kveller
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harry potter

This ‘Harry Potter’ Nursery Will Make You Want to Redo Your Whole House

I can’t lie, I love everything “Harry Potter” related. Because I grew up with “Harry Potter,” everything about the magical world enthralls me–it’s the perfect form of escapism. This is why I absolutely love the parents who decorated their new baby’s nursery as if it’s right out of Hogwarts.

New mom Kaycee and her husband started thinking about creating a “Harry Potter” nursery once she got pregnant with their son. With the help of their friend and 3-D artist Nate Baranowski, they built the Hogwarts-inspired baby room–complete with a mural and original art featuring iconic scenes and characters from the series. As if that’s not enough, their humidifier looks like an owl. Kaycee told Scary Mommy:

“The more little accessories we found the more excited I got. Then we had our friend Nate Baranowski come and paint a mural and he really took it to the next level! I found myself sitting at my house today admiring some of the pictures and I realized I can go see this in person because it is actually in my house.”

The room itself took about three months to plan, but it only took Baranowski five days to complete his mural. Once it was officially completed, Kaycee shared photos of the room in a “Harry Potter” fan group on Facebook, Room of Requirement. Of course, it’s gone viral since then, with over 1,500 shares.

Here’s some of my favorite shots:

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