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This Hilarious Coloring Book Is the Perfect Gift for Moms Everywhere

We’ve written before about how adult coloring books are all the rage these days. Coloring can be a great way to de-stress and take a moment to yourself where you aren’t thinking of a million things at once (instead, you’ll only think of about 500). Clearly, this is kind of perfect for moms. And one mom merged the worlds of parenting AND coloring together.

Kathy Shimmield, who owns a development company, realized there is a lack of coloring books specifically out there for moms. So, she set out to create one herself, and worked with illustrator Joshua Lagman to create “A Day In The Life Of Mom,” which is an adult coloring book for moms, complete with comical yet ordinary scenes from a parent’s life, which are paired with hilarious captions.

Shimmield created the book, because she felt it would be a humorous way to deal with being a mom, hoping it will give other moms “a really well-deserved good laugh, and some much-needed stress relief.” She went on to say:

“It just popped into my mind how funny it would be to combine a satirical but honest view of what parents go through, only have it done with nice illustrations to make it into an adult coloring book.”

And don’t fret if you end up coloring the book in record time, because Shimmield is publishing a second version in a few weeks.

Here is my personal favorite from the book:


Kathy Shimmield // Huffington Post

“You remember your 8th grade Algebra right? What about Common Core Math with your younger child? Yes, you guessed it … it’s homework time!”

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