This Hysterical Parody of 'BBC Dad' Shows How a Mom Would Have Reacted – Kveller
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This Hysterical Parody of ‘BBC Dad’ Shows How a Mom Would Have Reacted

RememberĀ “BBC Dad” Robert Kelly? You know the one, the guy who was giving a live interview on BBC and was interrupted by his kids? Well, imagine if Kelly was a mom–how do you think the reaction would have been different?

Now you don’t have to, since the New Zealand comedy show “Jono and Ben” imaginedĀ that scene for you. In the spoof,Ā Kate Wordsworth plays Kelly the Mom, who unsurprisingly, keeps her cool while her baby barges in. In fact, she improvises: instead of trying to pretend it didn’t happen, she picks up the little tot and gives her a bottle of milk.

Next, when herĀ secondĀ childĀ enters, she doesn’t freak out. Instead, she takes out a toy to distract the baby.

The video becomes more and more hilarious with each interruption (like a toilet that needs to be cleaned and an actual bomb, for instance), and somehow, she manages to make it all seem easy.

But, it’s the ending that will get you. Check out to find out what happens:

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