Toddler (And Baby) Stomp Through Dad's Live TV Interview, and It Goes Viral – Kveller
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Toddler (And Baby) Stomp Through Dad’s Live TV Interview, and It Goes Viral

When you give a professional interview, you usually don’t want to be interrupted by your toddlers. Imagine giving an interview on live television–and experiencing the horror, and humor, that occurs when your child wails and fumbles around behind you, opening that door that you thought was closed. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Professor Robert E. Kelly when he gave a live interview from his home to BBC World News.

Right as Kelly was talking about some pretty serious stuff, like South Korea, his young daughter came in–and well, she just didn’t care about professionalism at that moment–like many toddlers. Kelly’s face, however, quickly resembles that terrified-OMG-is-this-happening-to-me-right-now-face? It’s like he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The whole thing is adorable and hilarious with an awkward twist.

This is similar to what happened to Rachel Sklar, Jewish feminist media maven and founder of The, when she appeared as a guest on CBC news to talk about Barbie’s recent changes. She was joined by her newborn, who she was breastfeeding–and well,  you can imagine what happened next.

Talk about parents juggling work and family responsibilities!

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