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This Is How Daughters Break Gender Stereotypes

You know what’s amazing? When kids break gender stereotypes–and when parents encourage their sons and daughters to engage in activities that are typically not “meant” for them, such as encouraging a girl to skateboard. In 2016, if we still believe that certain sports are for boys only, then something is wrong.

This is why I love that fact that Fatherly posted this video of girls breaking gender stereotypes–the girls in the video completely exceeding at “boy” activities like karate, skateboarding, and sky-diving. The site posted the video on their Facebook page, and it quickly went viral, hitting 17,163,559 views as of now. It’s a no brainer why it garnered so much attention–parents are tired of the same old tropes and stereotypes.

Check out the video here:

Many of their readers commented with photos of their daughters bending genders roles. Here are some of my favorites below:

Don’t forget to comment below with photos and videos of your kids defying gender stereotypes. Please note that if you share, we may use it for a blog or video.

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