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This Israeli Dad’s Viral Tardy Note for Daughter Completely Wins at Life

When a teacher gets a tardy note from a parent, they usually expect a reason to be listed as to why the student was late. When Shalom Misk, a dad in Israel, wrote a note for his daughter, he was pretty honest about the fact that he didn’t have a great reason. What’s better, his reason is pretty hilarious.

Apparently, Misk sent his daughter Talia to school with a note that has now been posted to Facebook by Israeli humor writer Hanoch Daum earlier this week. So, what did the note actually say? It was translated from Hebrew:

“Good morning teacher! Dad is not mom. And Dad can’t do in one hour what Mom can do in half an hour. Therefore, Talia is late. Blessings, Dad.”

I love the stark humor–and the fact that through humor, this dad is giving his wife an awesome shout out. Appreciation is always welcome, even if it’s just three lines. Misk’s wife commented on the Facebook post herself, saying:

“He is an amazing dad.”

Seems like they are pretty supportive of each other, which is the only thing parents can be.

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