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work-life balance

This Jewish Mom Nails How to Balance Work/Parenting So Honestly

Adina Kay-Gross has serious experience balancing work and motherhood. She is one of Kveller’s contributing editors and the Editorial Director at The Covenant Foundation–all the while parenting her twin girls with her husband. This is why we asked her to talk about how she does it all without going absolutely crazy. As such, Adina did a Facebook Live video for us.

Adina explained that she’s lucky to have a mother-in-law who lives close who who can babysit her kid–and that she has a flexible enough job that she can work from home–and around hours of parenting her kid (meaning she often works at 9 p.m. at night). As she said, parenting in 2017 is different than it used to be in the past.

Here are a few things she said that I absolutely loved–and feel many people will relate to:

1. Congratulate yourself when things go right, because they “often won’t.” Yup. Totally true. Write this on your forehead.

2. Professional life will be different than you initially thought. She explains how she got her MFA at Columbia in writing, and her reality is different than she dreamed. Now, she says working with people who are flexible is key.

3. Working can home can be more difficult. It can be hard to check yourself, especially when there are mounting piles of laundry.

4. Give up on perfection at home. Kay-Gross described chicken nuggets and breakfast for dinner as a regular occurrence in her house, with no shame. And she’s right! What’s more important–a perfect meal on the table or quality time?

To find out everything else she said, watch the entire video below:

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