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Call Your Mother

This Jewish Mom’s Films Blur Lines Between Truth and Fiction, Grief and Humor (Episode 24)

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With a name like Shaina Feinberg, people are bound to make assumptions — but filmmaker Shaina Feinberg defies virtually every one. She made her first feature film, The Babymooners, when she was seven months pregnant with her first child. She then went on to create a sort of feminist-meets-Woody-Allen genre of movies that combine humor, candor, and truth playing with fiction. 

In this week’s episode of Call Your Mother, Jordana and Shannon talk with Shaina about how she decided, shortly after her father’s sudden death, to make a film about his shiva. The three women talk about grieving, art, and humor, and how the three mix and interrelate. 

Shaina shares about her husband’s struggle with alcoholism and how she is addressing that in film, and Jordana, um, overshares a strange (but true!) story about an interview-turned-date with Quentin Tarantino. No spoilers here, so tune in to hear what happened!

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