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This Jewish Teacher’s Song ‘All In’ Is the Perfect Anti-Bullying Anthem

Aram Rubenstein-Gillis is a music teacher at Elysian Charter School in New Jersey, and he’s written the perfect anti-bullying song. It’s called “All In.” It’s a call not just for kids, but for everyone to stand against bullying–and in order to do that, be more empathetic.

The school, which is located in Hoboken, first released the song during National Bullying Prevention Month last month, and is sharing it again during the final weeks of the presidential election–since it’s been an election full of intimidation and bullying. If anything, this is a prime time for kids to learn about the kinds of behaviors that aren’t acceptable, even if people who should be leading by example aren’t.

Rubenstein-Gillis explained in a press release why creating the song, and having his students perform it, was so important to him:

“My goal is to help my students experience what it is like to spread a message of compassion, unity and understanding so that they will live these values for the rest of lives. When I see how well my students play together, learn together and sing together, I know that we can build a future that nurtures compassion rather than indifference, and that develops empathy and intelligence as an antidote to fear and ignorance.”

The song was posted on All in to Stop Bullying’s Facebook as part of The Bully Project–within a day, it had 10,000 views and 200 shares. As of now, the video has 72,000 views. Teachers like Rubenstein-Gillis are living embodiments of the fact that kindness, compassion, and love can overcome hate and negativity. It is possible to stand against bullying–it’s just a matter of doing it versus saying it.

Listen to the song below:

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