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This Jewish Trans Activist Is Also a Single Abba


On this week’s episode of Call Your Mother, Jordana Horn and Shannon Sarna speak with trans activist and Jewish dad Rafi Daugherty, who gives us the scoop about how he fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a parent.

Rafi was born a girl, transitioned to a man, and then carried and gave birth to two healthy children. Rafi shares what it’s like to be a public voice in the Jewish community for trans-identified individuals, some of his own hangups about pregnancy, and the exhausting but rewarding burdens of being a single parent.

And it wouldn’t be Call Your Mother without a call to Jordana’s mom, who responds to a reader question about postpartum anxiety, and whether or not it’s inevitable that we are all going to mess up our kids. (Spoiler alert: It’s not.)

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