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This Mom Breastfed Her Baby Right After Finishing Triathlon

Running a triathlon seems like something someone does on a far away alien planet to me–which is why it’s even more impressive that one mom breastfed her baby right after finishing a triathlon. Like it’s no big deal.

Katrina Bolduc recently crossed the finish line of her first triathlon post-baby. As you can imagine, she was absolutely relieved and overjoyed when she finished–because she also saw her husband and 7-month-old son Grayson. So what was one of the first things she did (besides hydrate)? She breastfed.

Her husband took a photo, which ended up being shared on Breastfeeding Mama Talk. For her, this moment encompassed a lot–she was celebrating her comfort with public breastfeeding, for instance–and her post-baby body, which she told Scary Mommy:

“I feel more comfortable in general over the past few months breastfeeding. It’s become so much a part of my day that I don’t actually worry about when or where it happens like I did before.” 

Bolduc is also a yoga instructor, so being comfortable with her body is important to her. Since her son’s birth, she’s run three 10K races, two of which included Grayson along for the ride in his stroller. Besides the fact that Bolduc is clearly driven, it’s also inspirational for moms everywhere regardless of their passions, because it shows that it is possible to balance different parts of your life.

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