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This Mom’s ‘Freaking Hilarious’ Postpartum Photo Reminds Us to Stop Fakebooking

Keeping it real is something that should be on every parent’s list (and human in general)–especially new moms. Why? Because it’s easy to feel like a failure when all you see on your social media feeds are perfect, happy babies eating immaculately prepared meals with an adorable French bulldog sitting next to them.

Really, we all need a dose of reality. In real life, that Frenchie is barking because he wants to be walked, your baby is spilling their food everywhere–and you’re in need of a massage and two cups of coffee. This is why one mom shared a very personal and bold photo of herself post-birth.

Amanda Bacon posted a photo to her Facebook page in all her mom-diaper glory. And it’s perfect. Her husband took the photo of himself with their new bundle of joy, while Bacon was wearing those ultra-sexy mesh hospital panties.

Bacon shared it herself, because it’s real, and real needs to be shared. She explained that we don’t all look like Kim Kardashian post-birth, and nor should we:

“I’m sharing this picture because it’s real. This is motherhood; it’s raw, stunning, messy, and freaking hilarious all rolled into one. Having a baby is a beautiful experience, and the realities of postpartum life aren’t spoken enough about. And definitely not photographed enough.

Some people probably find this uncomfortable, but why? I seriously don’t get it! It’s probably because this part isn’t talked about. We all should try and educate, empower and embrace every aspect of childbirth, including moments like this. And do it while having a sense of humor.”

Her sense of humor is contagious–as it should be. Instead of being ashamed of milk leakages, bladder leakages, and baby vomit all over your shirt, share those moments. Laugh about it. As Bacon says, own it, because being a mom is something badass–and hilarious:

“Nothing says welcome to motherhood like an adorable squishy baby, and a giant mom diaper.”


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