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This Mother & Daughter Met for the First Time After 34 Years Because of Facebook

When Kate-Madonna Hindes found out she has a high risk of getting anal and breast cancer, she decided she needed to find out who her biological mother is. The 34-year-old from St. Paul, Minnesota is mom of two herself. So, she submitted the paperwork to obtain her adoption file from Children’s Home + Aid in Illinois recently.

What she found out changed her life forever. She received a folder with a letter from her birth mother and a picture of her from 1981.Her mother explained how she could not take care of Hindes, because she couldn’t provide for her. If that’s not intense, I don’t know what is. Hindes wasn’t expecting how emotional it made her, telling TODAY:

“It changed everything, and I thought that now I have to find her.”

In the age of social media, it was only natural for Hindes to turn to Facebook, posting the picture and the powerful letter written by her mother as a then-16-year-old. She wrote how she was looking for “Aimee from Oak Park, Illinois, in 1981.”

Within 24 hours, she was contacted by someone who may have found her. At the same time, her birth mother, Aimée Sordelli, now 52, received a message that a photo of her was on Facebook. She didn’t think anything of it, until she saw the photo, and realized only one person could have found it. Thus, both mother and daughter started messaging each other on Facebook.

Then, on July 22, they met at the Minneapolis airport. Their meeting, luckily, went wonderfully–Hindes stated:

“I never imagined in a million years that Aimee would be this down to earth. She wrote in her letter that this was a decision made out of love, not regret, so I felt that she wanted me to find her.”

It’s truly heartwarming to see two people coming together.

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