This Nice Jewish Suburban Mom Was Addicted to Painkillers – Kveller
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This Nice Jewish Suburban Mom Was Addicted to Painkillers


When you think about people addicted to opioids or other pain medications, your mind likely jumps to someone you probably don’t know. You’re probably not thinking about an educated, suburban Jewish mom.

But that’s exactly what happened to Jen Simon, who is a writer, mom, and recovering addict. Jen talks with Jordana Horn and Shannon Sarna on this week’s episode of Call Your Mother, Kveller’s new official podcast. Jen bravely shares her powerful story of how menstrual cramps, depression, and the stresses of parenthood led her down the road to a harrowing battle with addiction. How did her drug use impact her marriage and other relationships? Was the Jewish community supportive when Simon appeared on The Today Show to share her story? What was the turning point that finally allowed her to break her addiction cycle?

Well, no spoilers here! You’ll have to listen to find out.

And as usual, Jordana and Shannon chat with Jordana’s mom, the yiddishe mame we all wish we had. This week they address how to make the best mushroom barley soup and “carpet bombing with antibiotics,” whatever that means.

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