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This Parody Makeup Tutorial Made by IDF Soldier Is Going Viral

Don’t you kind of hate makeup tutorial videos a little? Even if you don’t mind them most of the time, after awhile, it’s just all too much. Contouring? What does that even mean? This is precisely why 19-year-old IDF soldier, Hannah Laskow Defore, made a parody video. 

While Defore was on base, she was bored and decided to make a video. Now that her lifestyle is completely different (in that she’s not wearing makeup all the time), she could especially see the humor in it and make fun of herself, stating:

“So while I was hanging around, I made the video. I’d made parody videos before, but never a makeup one. But I always thought makeup tutorial videos were funny because the people in them take them so seriously.”

Before joining the Israeli army, Defore grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Los Angeles, where she attended a performing arts high school–in particular, she was pursuing acting and singing. She decided to join after a trip to Israel, stating:

“I decided to do the army while on a summer program in Israel before my senior year of high school. I called my parents from Mount Herzl and told them I wanted to go to the army after I graduated. Everyone was really surprised by this, because I am the classic Valley Girl. I don’t like exercise. I like shopping.”

The video starts off with Defore pretending she’s putting on her camouflage paint as though it’s makeup, with her saying:

“So, a lot of you guys have been asking me about my daily makeup routine. And to be honest, it’s changed quite a lot since I’ve moved from LA… I haven’t been using as many products from MAC and Sephora as I used to, but I really do love this new palette. It’s called Camouflage by Neta Avitan. And I just love the colors. It’s really flattering.”

Watch the rest of the video below–it’ll make you laugh, a lot:

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