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Call Your Mother

This Podcast Episode Is As Good As Gold — Judy Gold, That Is (CYM Rewind)


Judy Gold is an Emmy-award winning comedian, host of the podcast Kill Me Now, writer, and hysterical lesbian mom. She’s also the guest on this “rewind” episode of Kveller’s podcast, Call Your Mother!

Co-hosts Jordana Horn and Shannon Sarna get real with Judy about ageism in the entertainment industry, anti-Semitism, her (very funny) coming out story, and the deep family secret that impacted her identity.


Plus, in their weekly call with Jordana’s mom, Gram, they mom they discuss an age-old question: What makes a Jewish mother different from all other mothers?

This one’s a funny one — we promise! — so, if you missed it, be sure to download, listen, and share with your friends!

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